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QVHS Boys Hockey update

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

By: Boo Earlewine

Quaker Valley Hockey has thirteen wins so far this season and four losses. The team has scored 80 goals across all games, and has only been scored on 40 times, exactly half of the amount scored. The team started the season off strong with nine wins until their game against Moon on Jan. 3, which was followed by two more losses.

Since then, QV hockey has picked it back up winning four out of five of their past few games. Will Watson commented, “The experience at QV hockey this year has been great… We had a great start and the team has really come together especially after a rough month in January, winning only a few games. As long as we stay focused, I think we have a shot to win it all.”

The last home game before playoffs was senior night, celebrating Max Quinn, Hayden Earlewine, Kyle Rice, Noah Mattie, and Bob Carey. Quinn is the captain, and Earlewine is the assistant captain. The new goalie on the team, Landon Buterbaugh, said that his experience so far has been “super awesome” although a different experience from club teams, and “the support from upperclassmen, especially from the seniors makes it super fun as well.” He has an impressive save percentage of 89.1%.

The team is expected to make it to the playoffs, and Quinn said, “I think it is going pretty well. We had a few ups and downs throughout the year, but we have managed to get out of those rough spots and keep winning games.”

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