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To The Stage! QV Students Perform “The Man Who Came To Dinner”

The QVHS Drama Club proudly presented “The Man Who Came To Dinner” in early November. This show was a witty, hilarious comedy written by Kaufman and Hart that follows the story of a short-tempered, egocentric radio host named Sheridan Whiteside, who falls and breaks his hip on the front steps of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stanley, and is forced— to his dismay— to stay with them until he recovers, resulting in mayhem. 

Tickets were available to purchase online with a link that can be found on the QVSD website. The club receives its funding from ticket sales, so buying tickets and coming to the show is a way the community can support these student actors. Those who want to stay informed about the happenings of the Drama Club and next year’s show can also follow @qvhsdramaclub on Instagram and TikTok. 

QV’s drama club is unique in the sense that its shows are directed, produced, and acted entirely by QVHS students. This gives students a chance to explore their interest in theater in very unique ways that not many teenagers get. 

Luke Greb, a senior and this year’s director, wanted to create a memorable opportunity for QVHS’s theater community. “I would say the best thing about Drama Club is that it is student run. Within the entertainment industry of our school, Drama Club is really the only one where students get the opportunities to be more involved and learn about the offstage aspects of a show.” 

Leadership in the club works in such a way that a student can spend one year as the assistant to whichever position you are filling, and then you take over the position the following year, meaning that students should be in the 9th or 10th grade to apply. Students who do not want to act can look into directing, producing or stage managing. 

A well-known acting presence on the stage for other QV productions, Greb applied for leadership to get another perspective. “I personally have always wanted to be a director,” Greb said. “I always wanted an opportunity to be in control of a show to see what it’s like.”

The Drama Club gives students the opportunity to gain leadership skills and nurture the robust drama community at the QVHS.


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