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Quaker Valley Peer Help Desk: the Backbone of our High School

By: Saige Capek

The Quaker Valley Peer Help Desk is conveniently located in the school’s library, and it offers many accommodations for everyday student life. Unfortunately, it is severely unknown to students. When asked what Peer Help Desk was, sophomore Bella Soderstrom said, “I honestly don’t know that much.” Unbeknownst to most of the student body, the Peer Help Desk administers tests, checks out books, does the lunch slides, does projects around the school, tutors, and fixes iPads!

The students working the Peer Help Desk learn leadership, responsibility, and technology skills. Tutoring is one of the most beneficial things that the Peer Help Desk has to offer. Not only does it help students in need, but it also helps the students tutoring develop teaching skills. You can even become a tutor without working at the desk. Talk to Mr. Hollein, Quaker Valley’s beloved librarian, to become a tutor.

If working the Peer Help Desk doesn’t sound enticing enough, students can earn one credit per trimester and community service hours. There is a link in Schoology to sign up. Senior Mikayla Sallese advises, “It is also very beneficial to have teacher references.” These signup forms help Mr. Hollein to get to know students better. When asked for more advice on signing up, Sallese joked, “…just know that Mr. Hollein will call you by someone else’s name! It has been four years and he still calls me the wrong name to this day!”

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