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Quaker Quill Student Art Showcase #1

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

For years, Quaker Valley has excelled at providing young artists with opportunities to create new work and showcase it to fellow students, and teachers. However, with COVID-19 severely limiting in-school hours, students have been given an abundance of time to create new work, but nowhere for it to be displayed. Here at the Quaker Quill, we wanted to give artists a place where their hard work and talent can be displayed for all to see. We hope to make this an ongoing project, as there is still a lot of talent that deserves to be seen. With that out of the way, we'd like to thank all of the students who submitted work and gave the editing staff the near-impossible task of selecting only five to display. Yet, we managed to do it, and present the art to you now. Information about the artists and their work can be seen below.

-Drew Huddleston

Quaker Quill Senior Editor

*Note: Some artists chose to remain anonymous or submit their art under a pseudonym

Piece #1

Artist: @Borisgecko (9th Grade)

Medium: Digital (Autodesk Sketchbook)

Piece #2

Artist: Lexi Schlutz (11th Grade)

Medium: Acrylic Paint

Piece #3

Artist: Boo Earlywine (9th Grade)

Medium: Colored Pencil

Piece #4

Artist: Paige Nichols (10th Grade)

Medium: Digital (Kirta)

Piece #5

Artists: Wesley Chartrand and Anji Krebs (9th Grade)

Medium: Digital

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1 Comment

Paige Nichols
Paige Nichols
Nov 10, 2020

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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