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Partners Gym

By: Madeline Weaver

Partners Gym, taught by Mr. Vecchi, is a gym class a student can take at Quaker Valley High School. The goal of the course is to interact with and assist special education students in the class.

When asked what is required of the students in the class, Mr. Vecchi states, “Students assist with life skill students to make sure they have a fun and active time.”

In this class, students learn how to play a variety of different games on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Thursdays are reserved for a calming and immersive yoga session led by Mr. Brindza. “In Partners, we adapt our activities for all capabilities. Yoga is an activity which lends itself to anyone being able to participate. As a group, collectively we can participate together but each individual can go at their own pace and comfort level. It’s a very inclusive activity. I've seen throughout the years that it makes everyone feel good,”Brindza said. Then finally on Fridays, everyone participates in a killer game of kickball. Friday kickball is something that students look forward to as a perfect way to end off a week of school.

With everything from line dancing and soccer to aerobics and basketball, Partners Gym is a perfect class for outgoing students looking for a fun and caring way to earn their gym credits.

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