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Our Team Members

Meet the 2021-2022 Staff Writers of the Quill! 


About The Quaker Quill

School news, by the students and for the students.

Quaker Quill is a quarterly print newspaper prepared by students in grades 9-12 and edited by senior editors. Quill print issues typically appear in October, December, February and May. Digital issues are also published monthly from October-May. The student publication has achieved 1st place awards from the American Scholastic Press Association for several years consecutively.

Meet the Writers


Riley Holles 

Riley is a junior and the Co-Senior Editor for the Quill this year. She loves to be creative and write, which aligns perfectly with her new position on the staff. As a writer last year, she is ready for the added responsibilities, and is super excited to share her passion with this year's staff. In her free time, Riley enjoys participating in theater and spending time with family and friends.  


Ellie Bates

Ellie is the only senior on the Quill Staff this year and holds the titles of Sports Editor and Head Layout Editor. As a first year staff member, she is super excited to be in another creative club. Ellie enjoys sports, media, and sports-media so it’s fitting that she incorporated all three in her extracurriculars and her plans for college. 

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Mira Hennon

Mira is a new member of the Quaker Quill this year, but she has some previous article-writing experience. She enjoys shopping, spending time with friends, and going on walks. Her main goals for being on the Quill are to write exciting articles and meet new people.


Hanna Carver

Hanna is a sophomore and an associate feature editor for the Quaker Quill. She joined the Quill to enhance her love of journalism and improve her writing skills. Her main goal this year for the Quill is to engage her peers at QV to keep up with school news, current issues, and to participate in school events. 


Loren Barnes

Loren is a junior and the social media manager for the Quaker Quill. She enjoys playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and watching tv shows.


Miralhi Taylor-Martin

Miralhi is thrilled to be the Co-Senior Editor of the Quaker Quill. As a junior, she is excited for the opportunity to lead such a fun and creative group of writers. When she is not chasing news stories, she can be found singing and dancing on stage. She has a passion for musical theater as well as writing and hopes to bring her love of expression and creativity to the Quill.


Maisy Bates

Maisy is a sophomore and an Associate Layout Editor of the Quill. Maisy joined quill because of her love of writing and politics. She likes to keep up with global news, and throughout the year she will be writing all you need to know about current events.


Boo Earlewine

Boo is a sophomore and the art curator for the Quaker Quill. She loves to write in the few moments she can stay focused and enjoys reading especially from authors like Ray Bradbury and Fredrick Backman. Boo is also an avid collector of all things art, music, world news, and design.


Isabella Trafton

Isabella is a sophomore and a staff writer. This is her first year on the quill, and she is super excited to start writing articles and become a better writer. In her free time she likes watching movies, reading, sewing, and spending time with friends.

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