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Winter Formal Welcomes Quaker Valley High School

Parker Barnes & Jane Lenhard

On Feb. 10 from 7:00-9:00 p.m, Quaker Valley hosted its Winter Formal. Students from all grades were invited to attend the event, which was organized by the Student Council.

Student Council vice president Jay Olawaiye played a role in the planning process. “We’re thinking about possibly selling concessions in the cafeteria, so bring pocket money just in case,” Olawaiye said. “It will probably just be small snacks and drinks.” The student council hopes that by providing these nourishments and refreshments, all students attending were satisfied. 

After being on a winter dance hiatus for so long due to the pandemic, the student council and Mrs. Muraco were overjoyed to be able to provide a fun school-wide activity.

The theme for this year’s dance was the Northern Lights, and the ticket price for the dance was $20. The dance took place in the QVHS gymnasium, where students could dance, take photos in the photo booth and grab some refreshments.

This dance was quite the upgrade from the past “COVID-precautionary” style of dance.

Experiencing fun events like the Winter Formal is what makes high school memorable. Spending time with friends and peers is an important part of happiness and enjoyment these activities create.

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