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What’s Going on With Sports

By: Morgan Rinas


In order to prepare for the Friday night lights, Quaker Valley cheerleaders must treat every practice like a game. Team Captain Jada Martin (senior) explained that during every practice, the team goes through every cheer and tumbling sequence as if they were performing for all of Quaker Valley. Cheer Co-captains, senior Ela Raine and junior Maggie McManus help direct practices as well. Along with football games, the Quaker Valley cheerleaders are present at Quaker Valley basketball games and pep rallies as well.

Cross Country:

Quaker Valley cross country has big goals to reach before the end of the 2019 season. With WPIALS coming up in less than two weeks, runners who qualified are working hard at practice to slim down their race times. WPIALS is only the beginning however. The team has set its sights on states, which takes place a week after the WPIAL competition. Those who perform well at WPIALS will advance onto states. It is hoped that Quaker Valley cross country will end their season in early November with both WPIAL and state titles (WPIAL and states information provided by senior Annie Wicker).


Quaker Valley golf has been very successful this 2019 season. Early in September, golfers Aidan Bulger and Jackson Bould qualified for the WPIAL AA Individual Championships by beating the set score of 79 at the WPIAL Sectional Qualifiers. Eva Bulger, the younger sister of Aiden Bulger, also qualified for WPIALS on September 18th. Eva received a huge victory on October 2nd when she won the Girl’s WPIAL Championships. She will move on with her brother to the PIAA Western Regionals, which will take place on October 15th. Good luck to the Bulgers!


Both varsity boys and girls soccer has acquired some major achievements this 2019 season. The boys varsity team currently has 14 wins compared to only 2 losses. Senior Dominic Reiter has been a huge asset to these wins, as he has been scoring goals left and right. Fritz Reiter and Rowan Kriebel must also be commemorated for their scoring abilities. “Our play has been focused on individual execution and mental engagement,” stated senior Fisher Hemwall, who also plays on varsity. This approach has clearly been a part of the team’s success. Girls varsity soccer has also been quite successful compared to last year. With eight wins in hand, one can definitely agree that girls varsity soccer has seen great improvement.


JV and varsity girls volleyball teams have been doing very well despite dealing with difficult transitions. “We only have one senior [Annie Hrabovsky], but both varsity and JV have a lot of talent and everyone pushes through,'' stated Ellie Bates, a sophomore on varsity. Varsity started out the season with five losses, which automatically made them ineligible for playoffs. This was quite difficult to accept but with determination and love of the sport, these girls recently pulled off five wins. With only two games and one tournament to go, the girls are preparing to end their season in victory.


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