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The Three Musketeers: A Review

By: Olivia Gand

The Three Musketeers, set in Paris in the mid-17th century, follows the adventures and tragedies of a young man, D’Artagnan (Maddox Cannon), as he attempts to prove himself and join the revered Musketeers of the Guard. The plot darkens as d’Artagnan and the title-sake Musketeers, Athos (Aidan Carroll), Porthos (Woody Blaine), and Aremis (Kaelyn Morrow) become entangled with matters of the court, state, and the heart.

The QV Drama Club performed the play on December 13 and 14.

The acting, especially from the leads, was very real and emotional,” said eighth-grader Bella Soderstrom.

Others described the performances as “strong” and noted the casting. 

“All good casting plays to the actors’ strengths, and I thought the casting highlighted everyone’s strengths really well,” complemented Mr. Cory Neville, who attended the matinee show. 

Beautifully choreographed combat scenes and expressive, powerful dialogue were enhanced by the amazing chemistry between actors, particularly in the comradery between the Musketeers and D’Artagnan.

This exemplary execution is no doubt made possible by the leadership of the directors.

“[The directors] dedicated so much time and energy to making sure we were performing to the best of our abilities,” said Lily Marcotte, a sophomore who played the female lead and love interest of D’Artagnan, Constance.

In a period play like The Three Musketeers, costumes are crucial to maintaining the old-timely vib). Considering that the show was a high school production, the costumes were adequate but not as exceptional as the other aspects of the show.

As for music, Mr. Neville summarized the experience perfectly, stating that “I was skeptical of having incidental music in the background for a play because I thought it might run the risk of being distracting, but instead, I think it definitely enhanced what was happening on the stage.” 

Credit is due to the musicians in the pit who skillfully played the accompaniment to set the tone on each scene, though some voiced that next year’s show could benefit from more members playing.

“[My experience] was amazing. it’s such a close family,” said Marcotte. “It gives you the feeling of being a part of something special.”

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