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Seniors Restless and Sentimental as Graduation Nears

By: Rebecca Graham

Many seniors at QV are growing restless. Although a breezy school year without the pressure of getting into college sounds appealing to underclassmen, after a while this sentiment starts to wither out. Most QV seniors are ready to enter the “real world” and get more freedom. Many of us wonder why we are still here. 

High school is a relatively carefree time filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences; however, the bird has to fly out of the nest at some point. 

Most seniors feel this way because they are excited to go off to college. “Everyone has said college is so much better than high school," says senior Angel Palladini. “Even the people that don’t really love college think it’s way better… I’m ready to roll.”

Senior Taruna Singh agrees. “Ever since I got accepted into college I don’t want to do anything anymore!”

Some would call this senioritis, and senior Nick Merriman says he has caught it. “I’ve had it for a while,” says Merriman. “I don’t really want to be here honestly. I’m just ready to move on and do my own thing. [I’m ready for] no parents and some freedom. In a month, I might be here a lot less.” 

Other QV students who have not yet been accepted into college have a much different mindset. “I don’t have time for senioritis,” says senior Hannah Leathers. “I can’t afford to fail because I won’t get into college!” 

Senior Miranda Clark agrees. “I’ve had [senioritis] since freshman year, but I’m trying to overcome that disease. I tell myself I can’t get into college if I keep doing what I’m doing!”

All seniors have a different strategy for overcoming their senioritis. Paladini says her fun class schedule this year is like summer camp, and that makes her excited for the school day. “I actually enjoy this year; I feel like this is my first year of high school I have actually enjoyed," says Palladini. "[Also] I’ve heard stories of people getting their acceptances revoked because they don’t do well in the second half of their senior year. That’s so scary to me.” 

Senior Jillian Umstead has a similar approach. “I always just think of the possibility that something fun will happen and then it will be worth [going to school].” 

“I like going to school,” echoes Singh. “Class is fun when we don’t have tests and stuff.” 

Seniors are finding new and creative ways to entertain themselves at school. I entertain myself by writing articles like this one. 

Another strategy is to remember all the things we will miss once we graduate. “I’m going to miss my teachers,” says Singh. “I think compared to college you can get closer with your teachers in high school. [I will miss] having a more personal connection with my teachers. I actually like that our school is smaller and a more community-type of school.” 

Senior Sam Scott agrees. “[I will miss] seeing my friends every day, my awesome teachers, the routine, [and having] my family so close.”

Palladini fears that her college location will be boring. “I’m gonna miss being in town,” says Paladini. “I really love going to town.”

We’re all good students--it has just become a lot harder to concentrate. Don’t get me wrong; I have really enjoyed my time at QV and will leave with many fond memories. 

Andy Bernard from The Office said he wished there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them. Are we in the good old days? It’s hard to say, but I know good things are coming in the future. Hang in there seniors, these next four months should fly by.

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