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QVHS staff members 'graduate' to retirement

By: Mrs. Samantha Stewart

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, we say goodbye to seniors as well as QVHS teachers and staff who have served students for

many years. Congratulations to Mrs. Deborah Schurman, library clerk, and Mr. Bob Harrah, pre-engineering technology teacher, as they enter retirement.

During her time at QVHS, Mrs. Schurman could always be found in the library, assisting students, teachers, and Mr. Hollein.

“She is caring, compassionate, sincere, and mindful of the needs of students and teachers,” said Mr. Hollein. He referred to her as a “thoughtful school library partner and an important person to say thank you for the opportunity to call a friend."

Mrs. Baudin, educational paraprofessional, also formed a friendship with Mrs. Schurman,

describing her as a “funny and wise woman.”

Mrs. Schurman’s service to the students in the district extends back to QVMS where Mr. Vecchi recalls she was “so nice, helpful and caring back

then, just as she is now.”

Mrs. Schurman plans on moving to Williamsburg, Virginia where her daughter Shea, son-in-law, and grandchildren live. She looks forward to being a part of her grandchildrens’ lives in addition to enjoying the more temperate climate. However, she will certainly plan to visit as her daughter Katie and many good friends live in Pittsburgh. In addition to her career at

QV, her daughters and son-in-law Kevin are all QV graduates.

While every student utilized the library and at least passed through on a daily basis, fewer students had the opportunity to enter Mr. Harrah’s classroom on the ground floor. In addition to his role as the pre-engineering technology teacher, Mr. Harrah also organized students to

assist him in designing and creating the sets for the musicals, drama club, and promenade.

Mr. Hollein described him as “the go-to guy, Mr. Fix-It” who is “the best at taking care of students and teachers when you need him the most.”

“We loved your laugh, sense of humor and dedication to each student and teacher. Many thank you's for your wisdom and endearing friendship,” added Mr. Hollein.

Mr. Welch, who teaches just next- door to Mr. Harrah’s classroom recalls how supportive of QV students Mr. Harrah has always been.

“In my 18 years of teaching at Quaker Valley, I’ve never had a colleague as committed to making contact with EVERY student in the school as Bob Harrah,” said Mr. Welch. “[He] tried to be a positive influence to every student he came in contact with, and Quaker Valley will

be a different place next year without his smile in the hallway.”

Mrs. Colangelo expressed how much she will miss sharing twin stories and jokes with Mr. Harrah, adding that his "enthusiasm, care, and inclusion for all of our students will

be remembered."

Mr. Harrah’s number one priority in retirement will be to spend more time with his granddaughter in Nashville along with his daughters, Katie and Mandy, and his wife. He also hopes to use his time to travel, volunteer, and improve his golf game.

Both Mrs. Schurman and Mr. Harrah have been important members of our QV community. We wish them the best in their next chapter!


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