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QVHS Musical Takes Center Stage

By: William Musial

Music has always been a part of Nicole Shaheen’s life. A senior at Quaker Valley High School, Nicole has participated in the musical every year since eighth grade but has always loved to sing. Nicole plans to continue doing musical/theatre in college but as a side hobby, not as a major or minor. Evan Monski, on the other hand, plans to continue doing theatre in college.

Evan Monski, also a senior, has been involved with the musical since fifth grade. Evan went to the Performing Art Camp at Sewickley Academy, where his interest in musical arts grew into a passion. If Evan could put on a musical at the High School, he would put on a production of “Curtains”, a comical murder-mystery-themed musical.

Nicole would like to put on a production of a classic musical, “The Phantom of the Opera” or a fairy-tale-inspired musical, “Into the Woods”. While Evan and Nicole may not agree on their favorite musicals, they do agree that joining the musical is a great idea.

“It’s like joining a big family. Everyone is so kind, helpful, and friendly,” Nicole remarked during the interview. The musical this year is called “The Pajama Game.” The musical takes place at the Sleep-Tite mattress factory, where the workers notice that all the factories around except for their own are giving 7 ½ cent raises. The musical involves great songs (Evan’s favorite being ‘Once-a-year-day), great dance numbers, and a fantastic love story between members of the Grievance Committee and members of the factory owners.

Evan and Nicole would also like everyone to know that all practices are happening safely, with masks, social distancing, and common sanitation. Because of these restrictions, the show will be recorded without an audience, but will still be amazing nonetheless! For more info about the musical, or if you are interested in joining the musical or stage crew, please contact Mr. Wolford ( or Mrs. Forrest (

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