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QVHS Musical Announces Little Mermaid

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Quaker Valley Musical team announced on Sept. 7 that the students would be performing The Little Mermaid in the Spring of 2022. Auditions for the show take place the week of Nov. 15. The students gathered in the auditorium after school to watch an announcement video compiled by director, Austin Wolford. According to Wolford, talks of doing The Little Mermaid began “as early as last April.” He described looking through the scripts over the summer with the production staff.

As for the musical itself, Wolford thought it would complement the predicted amount of students who are involved with the show this year. Another reason was that “We are coming off two years of 1950s/1960s shows and we wanted to do something a little more modern”. While the movie came out in the late 80s, the Broadway musical did not hit the stage until 2008. The stage version has the classics favorites, like “Part of Your World”, but also new songs including a quartet called “If Only” that has four of the principals combine forces for an ultimate ‘I want’ song. That piece happens to be Wolford’s favorite of the show thus far.

Auditions for the show take place the week of Nov. 15. Quakers will not want to miss being a part of this Disney classic!

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