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QV Senior Assassin is in Full Force

By: William Kirk

Senior Assassin, a game consisting of QV seniors where they shoot selected “targets”, or other seniors using water guns, has caught many student’s attention throughout the last few weeks. The objective is to be the last player standing, with a $200 cash prize at stake.

“We wanted to do something fun for the seniors because we didn’t get much of a senior year,” Jake McMullan, one of the organizers of the game, told me in a interview. With many Seniors feeling robbed of their senior year, this game serves as a way to create some normalcy given the unfortunate circumstances. An opportunity to bring people together, socialize, and have fun with summer being right around the corner. “It being senior year and all, I think it’s fun to do special stuff for the seniors and something like this is good at bringing people together,” said senior Drew Huddleston.

While many other schools across the country play Senior Assassin, it has never been played before at Quaker Valley. A game similar to Senior Assassin called “Sporks” has been played in years past but sporks are used rather than water guns.

You might ask, “What if someone brings a water gun to school?”. McMullan addressed that Senior Assassin will take place off school property and outside of any school related activities or sports. Similar to something like the Underground Dance, it does not take place through Quaker Valley, therefore there should be little to no concern of interference with school policy. There have also been rules established to ensure no one does anything illegal. “They are taking school regulations and rules into account with this game,” stated Huddleston “I think that kids are mature enough that they’ll be able to handle this and not take things out of proportion”.

It is interesting to think about how this game will go down. Will people play competitively or passively? The general consensus seems to meet somewhere in the middle. “I think that you’ll have a decent mix of both,” Huddleston stated. “There are going to be some people that are definitely gonna take it too far,” said McMullan and “Some people that are going to wait back and try to survive until the end which is probably going to be the smarter move”.

There also seems to be no clear prediction on who is going to win. “It is definitely luck”, said Huddleston, “It’s going to come down to who is the most prepared or most conservative”. “Honestly I think it is anybody’s game,” McMullan added.

“At the end of the day it is a good way to get kids involved with the school and with their friends and get them out of the house and into the nice weather,” Huddleston nicely concluded.

To stay up to date on the game, follow @qvseniorassassin on Instagram.

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