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QV’s Health and Wellness Club: Revitalized, Refreshed, and Ready for Action

By: Drew Huddleston

Our health, both physical and mental, has become a monumentally important topic of discussion for our generation. Tackling that discussion head-on is the new and improved Health and Wellness Club. 

Previously known as Thrive, club president Paige Gabriele sought to revitalize and rebrand the club. The first thing to go was the name.

“In the yearbook, people saw Thrive, and were like ‘What’s Thrive about?’ and it needs this whole explanation behind it. The club name shouldn’t have to be explained,” said Gabriele about her reasoning for changing the name. Additionally, Gabriele spoke to how the name seemed overly feminine, making it seem inaccessible to male students.  

“One of the things I wanted to do with the Health and Wellness Club was allow boys and girls to both feel like they could participate in the club... I wanted to make sure that everybody felt like they could be involved and the club didn’t get stereotyped.”

To make the club more accessible, meeting hours were shifted from before school to during lunch, making it much easier for students to come and ask questions or contribute to the discussion. 

The Health and Wellness Club’s primary goal is to promote mental, physical, and dietary health to students and whole community. In addition to holding meetings in school, the club organizes in-school and out-of-school projects, promoting their vision of a healthier community. So far this year, the club’s major focus has been on dietary health and promoting and influencing healthy eating in the school. However, with Gabriele as president, her ideas stretch far beyond this simple objective. 

“For our out-of-school project, we want to volunteer at a food shelter or a soup kitchen,” said Gabriele.

Gabriele’s ultimate mission is to get the club more involved. Previously, the club had done food drives and even started a yoga program outside of the regular meeting schedule. Gabriele wanted to go above and beyond previous years. 

“This year we’re really trying to take what [Thrive] wanted to accomplish and put it into action,” said Gabriele.

Yet with any up-and-coming club comes a set of challenges. For Gabriele, this challenge was spreading the word and drumming up interest in the club. 

“This year, whenever I’m like ‘Hey you should come in and see what the Health and Wellness Club is like,’ people are like ‘We have a Health and Wellness Club?’” 

To increase awareness, both Gabriele and club Vice-President Camden Kiggins have gone into overdrive to spread the word. Flyers, announcements, social media, and old-fashioned word of mouth are just a few of the ways the two have tried to push the club. So far this seems to have had an impact.

“The first meeting we had three people, and I’m pretty sure it was my sister and her friends. The next meeting... we ended up getting a lot more people. I even got texts and emails from people saying ‘I forgot it was today, what did we do?’ A lot more interest was shown.” 

Even with this success, Gabriele describes the difficulty of keeping the momentum going. 

“Before each [meeting] we really have to be advertising because not a lot of people know about the Health and Wellness Club. That’s the really hard part--getting it off its feet.”

If you are interested in promoting good physical and mental health to yourself, your friends, school, and the entire community, check out the new and improved Health and Wellness Club. Email Paige Gabriele at qv21gabrielep@qvmail.org with any questions, or visit the club’s Instagram page, username: qvhealth_and_wellness.


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