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QV’s Green Team Making School-Wide Changes

By: Morgan Rinas

Calling all environmental enthusiasts! Quaker Valley’s new environmental club, the Green Team, is looking for new members passionate about saving the planet. This club began spring of 2019 and has solidified its presence as a club this fall. 

“The Green Team is a group of highschoolers trying to make the community and the high school itself more green,” says senior club founder John Watters. 

Last year, the members conducted their start-up project in which they convinced the school board to replace the lights of some high school rooms with more environmentally-friendly, LED lights. This proved to be successful as during the past summer, many of our high school’s lights were changed. 

Although still a fairly new club, the Green Team is working to make even more large-scale changes throughout the school. Club member, Elena Ashburn (senior), stated that one of the main club focuses right now is actually doing something about the school’s recycling policy. As many students know, Quaker Valley’s recycling policy isn’t very effective. While we do have recycling bins, many people do not take advantage of them. The Green Team is trying to come up with a way to remedy this situation. The club is also in the process of convincing the school board to make the new high school “more green”.  

I encourage those who find these upcoming projects interesting to attend the next Green Team meeting. This club is making big strides in bettering the school environment; with more passionate members, these strides could definitely become a reality. 

Note: If interested in the Green Team, please email John Watters at qv20wattersj@qvmail.org


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