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Quarantine Reflections

By: Drew Huddleston

The 2019-2020 school year will go down as one of the most monumental years in the history of QV, and the world. The COVID-19 pandemic rattled so many conventions of our regular school years, it’s hard to remember life before the quarantine.

Back in September, our biggest concern wasn’t the coronavirus, it was the iPads. The iPads, which replaced the previously used Dell Laptops, were welcomed by some and detested by others. Despite their many shortcomings, the iPads proved to be a worthwhile investment, reshaping instruction. Learning remotely, the iPads have proven to be a true blessing, making accessing and completing assignments simple and concise.

One of the best things we’ve lost to quarantine is spring sports. Yet, before this began, the school’s sports thrived, kicking the year off with the boy’s soccer team’s explosive season which took them to the state finals, where they won the title of State Champions for the second time in three years. The girl’s basketball team was also seeing a similar streak of success before their season was cut short by the pandemic.

It’ll be hard to forget the day before the scheduled spring break, with rumors darting across the halls, and teachers preparing their students for the worst.

Now, two months into remote learning, with the year coming to a close, we can reflect on how well our school adapted to the unprecedented circumstances. Despite the curriculum being cut, teachers always felt accessible to answer questions and offer assistance. Classes continued to stimulate interaction between students.

While we’ve only been working off the remote learning plan for two months, it’s hard to remember life before the quarantine. Where will QVHS go from here? How will we readjust to the regular school life? What will change--and what won’t? While we don’t have any decisive answers to these questions, they are awaiting us in the future. Only time will tell the impact this will have on our school.


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