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Quakers Participate in Global Scholars Program

The Global Scholars Program is an opportunity at Quaker Valley High School that introduces students to a wide variety of cultures and experiences and allows them to gain an appreciation for different perspectives. The requirements have recently changed, however, so students should be aware of what they need to do to receive credit for the program.

For those graduating in 2024 or 2025, the rules should be familiar. Students must earn at least a B- on five credits of Global Scholars Core Courses and complete three courses of a foreign language. Participants must have completed all graduation requirements and taken four Global Scholars electives. Specific course designations can be found on the district website under “Global Scholars Program.”

All of these requirements are relatively simple to fulfill when following a conscientious schedule. The most challenging for many are the 50 credits of global enrichment experiences outside of the classroom. There are links on the Schoology course page directing juniors and seniors to these kinds of activities, whether it be literary festivals or various cultural celebrations in the Pittsburgh area. Mrs. Jennifer Matthews, the leader of Global Scholars at QVHS, also sends notifications frequently to inform students of any possible credit opportunities. These are enriching ways for students to interact with various cultural practices and festivities, and they harbor unforgettable experiences that are impossible to replicate in the school environment. The purpose of the credit is to be aware and active in the global community, and the enrichment experiences are a crucial part of achieving that goal.

The requirements for freshmen and sophomores are slightly different. For those graduating in 2026 or 2027, students must complete all graduation requirements and obtain a GPA of at least 3.0. Candidates must also take three courses of a World Language.

In addition, students must participate in at least two of the three annual Global Scholars Conferences during at least three years of high school (including senior year). Participants must also craft one pre-written position paper for a corresponding conference during each of those three years to earn Global Scholars credit. These events help students get experience with debate and the decision-making process while developing an appreciation for international cooperation.

Reach out to Mrs. Matthews with any questions about the program. Don’t hesitate to join: the sooner students become aware of the many opportunities available, the sooner they will want to dive into the global community.

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