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'Kuestions' from Kaelyn

By: Kaelyn Morrow

This time, I asked you the question. In honor of my last article here as a QV student and the worldwide situation we’re in, I wanted to switch it up and ask how COVID19 and self-isolation has affected your life, in and out of school. Responses are intended to convey the raw, individual experience that everyone is having.

“I’ve missed people a whole lot, but I’ve also been talking to them way more than I usually would. I’ve been able to get outside more and spend more time with my pets and play music more.”

--Anonymous Freshman

“I was feeling very good in the beginning and middle of this... Now, I’ve become extremely stressed and the only thing that is affecting my mental health is online work. It’s very easy to procrastinate and lose motivation, so I do my homework at midnight every night. This makes me spend my entire day thinking about how much work I have to do later.”

--Anonymous Sophomore

“Obviously, remote learning is completely different. I mean, it’s nice to have less work to do and to not have tests, but it’s hard not having a schedule and finding the motivation to get out of bed and actually go and do work. Life wise, everything is different. I miss seeing my friends and teachers and anyone who isn’t my family... At this point it feels like both a year has passed, and also like we were actually in school yesterday.”

--Anonymous Junior

“Covid isolation has given me time to do things I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time. For example, my family and I have started making a fantasy novella that is coming out at the end of May and we came up with the premise of it about two-ish years ago and never even got to sit down and talk about it... I’ve also been using the time to create my very own D&D campaign for my soon to come college years... Some of my friends help me and we get on Zoom and talk for hours as we develop our own world."

--Anonymous Senior

“From a teacher perspective, the best part of my job is interacting with students face-to-face, so not having that anymore is tough. Communication just isn’t the same through email or Schoology it feels like both a year has passed comments. So many of my “kids”aren’t necessarily my “students” and I miss being able to check in with them between classes or while they’re “on the way to the bathroom.” I don’t know when my students are struggling now unless they email me to tell me, when before, I could read it on their faces... From a family perspective, it’s been a unique (to say the least) situation to juggle working from home, teaching my son kindergarten lessons, and caring for my other sons. The pandemic has brought its share of nightmares too... COVID-19 has really taught me that what matters most in life is how we treat each other, no matter the situation.”

--Anonymous Teacher

Since people bared their souls to me, I will do the same for you. COVID has affected my life in a few ways. I have left my house maybe seven times in the last two months, which is not

great for my mental wellbeing. I find myself being bored no matter what I’m doing or the time of day. Luckily, however, my father is not out of a job and we have food on the table. Him being an essential worker is horrifying, but he is taking precautions to make sure he is as safe as a cashier can be. I have connected with friends I haven’t spoken to in a while and found new friends that I am going to college with soon. I miss everyone so much, and I’m sad I will not see so many of your faces again, or at least for a while.

Thank you all for telling me how you’re doing. For those of you that I didn’t contact, I hope you are in good health and staying safe. This is a trying time, but we as a people have overcome events like this before. I can assure you that there is going to be sun shining through the clouds soon. Waiting is hard, but the joy we will all experience when we can

embrace our loved ones and see people we haven’t for months will show that the wait was worth it.


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