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Humans of QV: Patti and Amanda Gilmore

By: Reese Haam

“You have all types of people at all times. You see all types of things, too. Excuses on napkins, chewed up notes, you really can't make it up. Once, and I am being one-hundred

percent serious, we get notes written on those fancy greeting cards with the gold trim around them. It's a shame when we get those because I hate seeing them go to waste. We've had it all. Even bizarre phone calls.”

“It is fun getting to know all of you, especially the ones that I get to spend more time with. It is interesting to see everybody grow up over the years and see what they would do after school and what their plans are. Whereas with a hospital patient, I might have you three days in a row and that is the maximum. I was pretty much on for three days then I was

off, so it was just kinda short visits. Sometimes I miss that, where it is like ‘Hey somebody new!’ but most of the time I like being able to form relationships with my students. I think any time that I am able to maybe help a student or their family during a traumatic event, whether they got hurt at school or they were diagnosed with something throughout

the school year. When I am able to help them and sometimes it makes me feel a little bit more like people understand my job even more whenever these kinds of situations happen. Some people just say, 'Oh she just hands off ice packs and band aids' I think my favorite thing about the job is when I am able to get through to a student who does not have any other connections in the building. When I am able to get through to them, it makes me feel like I achieved something.”

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