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Homecoming Football Game

By: Paige Nicholas

As the football players run onto the field, the usual hype that you feel at a football game was mixed with apprehensive hope. With the Quaker Valley football team having lost all their games including the first two scoring 0-55, not many people thought it would go well that night.

At this year's homecoming game, the Quakers went against Waynesburg Central High School. At a quick glance, anyone can see a line of giants, with #75 coming in at 6'7 and 335 lbs. The stadium sat tense on both sides.

After talking to some fans and family from Waynesburg, it seemed that they have been having a rough season too with a mom saying, "at least my boy found the goal this time." Many parents and students joked about the rough season this year and their hope for the Waynesburg football team to finally win. One team was about to reverse their reputation.

For the first kick off, QV looked promising. With Waynesburg's size betraying them and the aggression from losing firing up the Quakers, the promise of a first win began to blossom. With offence and defense still struggling, anger seemed to have more of an impact. Slowly but surely, running plays started gaining more yards, and stronger blocks were made by the team.

For those with an eagle eye, you would notice even with anger, many tackles were hesitant. With many people diving at the legs, chest, and shoulder level to avoid impact, Waynesburg was still getting some points for themselves. By the second quarter the Quakers were in the lead by one touchdown. The bench was less cramped than usual with only one serious injury, #70, Dustin Grimm, and an ankle injury on another player who went back in soon after.

Pride and excitement filled the Quakers when the team was in the lead at 12-6. Only time will tell if the Quakers will finally prevail.

School rivalries aside, the Waynesburg band put on a fantastic performance during half time. The Waynesburg color guard was dressed in dramatic, sparkling, red dresses, and their feather hat band played while they danced. Soon after, the homecoming King and Queen were announced, and then the real game started. With only a touchdown difference, Waynesburg could easily turn the game around.

All eyes fell on our team. Only two years ago the Quakers won the State Championship. Compared to this year, fans are scratching their heads over what is wrong. Some fans blamed it on the more experienced players graduating- after all, our team only has 31 players and half of them are off the field for one reason or another. Older coaches and football fanatics blamed it on poor coaching and repetitive plays.

Other teams who have twice the amount of players lead the Quakers to work twice as hard. Some players at the homecoming game night are stacking up at 6'7 compared to our largest player standing 6'3. “Force = mass × acceleration” is a key factor when it comes to football, and when you lack both it is not as easy.

The Quakers fire and support of fans led to the Quaker Valley's first win of the season with the score of 28-13. The Quaker Football Team finally got to bask in the victory they worked so hard for. A weight of worry seemed to have lifted off the players and the right to feel pride in our players was restored. Let's hope it lasts.


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