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Homecoming and Spirit Week Recap

By: Rebecca Graham

For our sanity, we must pause from our school work from time to time and enjoy each other's company. Small pauses in the form of “dressing as a teacher” or “cheering on our school football team” led to a shared feeling of kinship. Regardless of our personal opinions on pep rallies or E-girls, each QV student made a pact with themself to momentarily forget high school stressors and celebrate QV for one week.

The High School Marching Band and Color Guard preform at Osborne Elementary

The week of September 30th sparked high spirit for Quaker Valley School District. Our spirit was represented through fashion. Monday was “twin day”, and Tuesday was “dress like a teacher day.” Wednesday was “dress like a star,” where students dressed as their favorite celebrity, vine, or meme. Thursday was “grade colors”, and Friday was a “blackout”, where the district united in wearing black QV gear, appropriate for the blackout-themed football game that night. Across the district, students passionately showed their spirit - and especially enjoyed the opportunity to wear pajamas to school!

On Friday, Quaker Valley’s marching band, cheerleaders, and football captains went on tour to Edgeworth, Osborne, and the middle school. More than a recruitment method, the tour was meant to aid the other schools with their spirit festivities.

Band members unite, as the elementary school students play alongside the marching band members

After a day of pep rallies, the celebration continued to Friday’s football game. During half time, Quaker Valley’s homecoming court was recognized. The court was comprised of 14 seniors, chosen by the QV faculty and staff: John Auth, K.C. Johns, Isaac Lang, Dom Reiter, Fritz Reiter, Tarun Venkatasamy, John Watters, Emma Grubb, Annie Hrabovsky, Maya Kumar, Taruna Singh, Jillian Umstead, Maddie Volchko, and Annie Wicker.

The students voted Annie Wicker and K.C. Johns the Homecoming Queen and King, preceding QV’s first victory of the year, against Waynesburg Central, 28-13!

To close off the week, the QV Student Council organized the “Fly Me to the Moon” Homecoming Dance on Saturday. As tradition, the dance ended with a song dedicated to the senior class. This year the seniors joined together to sing (and scream) the words to Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline.

Everyone in the district found something to appreciate during spirit week. “Good times never seemed so good!”

(from the left) Sophmore Evan Monski, Freshman Eric Weicht, and Senior Rebecca Graham


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