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Hidden Gems: Artist Elizabeth Belcastro

Hidden Gems Second Edition: Scouting the talents of QV’s most extraordinary students

By: Rebecca Graham

Elizabeth Belcastro has been creating art since she first held a pencil. Like any leader in their field, Belcastro spends much of her day practicing what she loves: sketching, doodling, and dreaming up new art. Her creative state of mind has earned her the right to be one of the lucky few people who can consider themselves artistic.

She describes her art style as cartoonish with elements of realism.


“I always liked drawing animals but I have been getting into drawing people more recently. My favorite animal is dogs, so I draw many pictures of dogs,” says Belcastro. “I [also] want to start learning how to draw backgrounds.” 

She draws with mostly pencils and watercolors. Her proudest work was a painting of a rose she made for her mom on Mother’s Day. 

To advance her skills, she takes art classes at school. 

“Right now I am in Advanced Drawing and Painting,” says Belcastro. For her first project in the class this year, she painted a portrait of a cello, pictured below. 

“I also take a lot of summer camps for art. My favorite was one summer camp where we made sculptures of imaginary animals. Mine looks like a wolf but it was taller; it’s not a real animal.”

As an ambitious artist, Belcastro plans to make art her future career for movies and TV. 

“I want to make cartoons and work in 2D animation,” says Belcastro. She is currently practicing for the job. 

“I need to be able to draw quicker to do 2D animation where I draw all the frames.” 

Her inspiration for animated cartoons comes from Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe. “I like the style of her cartoons,” she commented.

Belcastro lives the lifestyle of an artist, so she expects to further her skills for the future. In the meantime, we can enjoy all her ongoing art hung around the school.

If you know any other QVHS students with cool talents like Elizabeth, email quakerquill@qvmail.org. They could be featured in our next edition!

Elizabeth Belcastro with one of her works of art


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